Ex-Trump Aide Lies About Donald’s Putin Meeting – CNN Host Lets Him Have It


Those who work, or have worked, for President Donald Trump have got to be the most loyal, not to mention deluded, individuals in America. Many people who work for Trump have nothing but amazing things to say about the president, while the average american would disagree wholeheartedly.

The much anticipated meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S president Donald Trump happened at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany on Friday. Many people had comments on their meeting, including Carter Page, former aide of Donald Trump’s. Page sung praise over the meeting between Trump and Putin, pumping Trump full of praise, despite there being little information on what actually went down during the meeting. He even went as far to call the meeting the “greatest moment in U.S diplomatic history.”

When challenged by CNN host Micheal Smerconish, Page explained farther into depth , stating:

‘Well, the bravery that he showed going up against this fake intel report and all of the political shenanigans that drove this investigation from the very beginning a year ago this month. so it’s — he showed an amazing bravery.’

He went on farther, saying:

‘Really a lot of this ugly American phenomenon right now has been driven by these falsehoods. I actually don’t blame the media. The media has been just kind of following up on lies that they were told by political operatives, both from the Clinton campaign and the people they were colluding with in the Obama administration.’

Russia Today anchor Alyona Minkovski was also in on the interview, and didn’t hesitate to set the record straight, in regards to Page’s comment about “Ugly Americans.” Minkovski stated:

‘The fact that we have a president who doesn’t respect women and makes demeaning comments about them, a president who makes demeaning comments about immigrants, their contribution to the society and who maligns them, that probably has to do with the notion of an ugly American, too, because it goes against the values we claim to be pushing all over the world –these values of freedom and liberty and respect for human rights and other people.

‘Again to me, that is part of being an ugly American, if we’re not going to care about the future of the planet and its sustainability. And that’s another thing where people they can no longer depend on the United States to be consistent because of President Donald Trump.’

You can watch the full exchange below, via CNN.

Featured Image via Getty Images

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