Letterman & Franken Film Hilarious Anti-Trump ‘Funny Or Die’ Series (VIDEO)


Climate change has been an increasingly important topic, especially amidst Trump’s choice to withdraw from the Paris agreement. As a result, some big names got together to discuss the topic of climate change.

Retired comedian David Letterman and former comedian now Senator, Al Franken, got together, along with some cameras in order to film a series for Funny or Die, titled “Boiling The Frog.” This series will span several six minute videos with Franken and Letterman tackling the topic of climate change, with humorous undertones.

The series is a joint project of the comedy website Funny or Die, and the environmental series, “Years of Living Dangerously.” The majority of the videos are filmed with in Franken’s Senate office, and opens with Franken stating, “Thanks for taking a break from watching videos of animals who become unlikely friends.”

While the video starts off funny, it does not take long for things to turn more serious, as the discussion about the politics surround climate change, carbon taxes and water pollution ensues. The two continue with witty banter and harmless jokes while still continuing the discuss the seriousness that is climate change. At one point Franken says, “Anyone who says climate change isn’t real is talking out of his butt.”

For Senator Franken, the web series is his way of fighting back against the growing disregard toward the science behind climate change, as well as climate change itself, as a general issue. Franken Stated:

‘Since taking office, President Trump has decided to disregard science in order to repeatedly put the short-sighted interests of his friends in the fossil fuel industry ahead of the safety of our planet. We hope to bring some much needed attention to this critical issue and ultimately, to help encourage people in Minnesota, Dave’s home state of Indiana and all Americans to make their voices heard and join the fight to combat climate change.’

Letterman stated, in an interview with Associated Press, when asked what he hoped to accomplish with this series:

 ‘To me, people ought to be aware of this, people ought to have this tucked in their wallet. People ought to walk around with this every day in the back of their mind and people ought to be aware and be educated and looking forward to things that they might do to help their kids and their children’s kids. I think it’s better in that regard than it used to be — the current administration notwithstanding.’

You can see an episode of “Boiling the Frog” below:

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