State Rep. Vows To Stop Trump’s Cyber Security Council With Putin


Trump went on Twitter this morning and had a little rant that spanned over seven tweets, in which he talked about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Germany. Many people were puzzled by the president’s seemingly blind acceptance of Putin’s claim that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election, and his desire to work with Russia going forward, despite the speculation that surrounds the Trump administration and Russia.

Many people are just genuinely unsettled by the whole thing, and do not trust it. Those feelings of mistrust don’t stop with the average Americans, however. Rep. Brendan Boyle announced that he has plans to introduce legislation that will prevent the president from forming an election cyber security group with Russia, following Trump’s tweet stating that he and Putin had plans to form a Cyber Security unit.

Rep Boyle said in a statement:

‘President Trump’s social media statement today that he would involve Russian President Vladimir Putin in a cyber security effort to “protect our elections” defies any shred of basic human logic and common sense. Under no circumstances can we allow the Russian government to learn our strategy and techniques for defending our cyber security.

‘This week during the congressional session, I will introduce legislation to prohibit the United States from participating in any type joint working group with Russia on cyber security efforts. Hiring Mr. Putin to protect our electoral process is like a group of homeowners hiring a security guard to protect them after that individual has broken into their homes.’

The repercussions of Trump forming a cyber security working group with Russia could be huge. This initiative would do nothing but provide Russians, who are already under fire for potentially meddling in the 2016 election, access to America’s election system. That would give Putin a huge in, allowing him to hack future elections for candidates he favors, without having to go hack all 50 state voting systems.

All that can be hoped is that the legislation that Rep. Boyle is trying to put put into place goes through, or else America’s future could be in big trouble.

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