JUST IN: Image Leaked Of Trump Eating Dinner With Facilitator Of Donald Jr Meeting – It’s Over!


President Donald Trump was shaking in his boots, trying everything humanly possible to deflect attention away from the Trump Jr., Kushner, Manafort meeting with Russian lawyer and unregistered Kremlin agent, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Now, we know why…

Donald Trump Jr. was unwilling to identify the “acquaintance” who facilitated the meeting between him, his brother-in-law and Manafort. He did however, eventually identify that he “realized” it was always Ms. Veselnitskaya’s “intention” to provide damning information on the DNC and Hillary Clinton — but that it was “nonsense” and fruitless. In a new NBC interview, Veselnikskaya is claiming the opposite: that they were actively seeking this sort of information, but she never had any to offer.

Donald Trump Jr.’s claim that his father, President Donald Trump, had no knowledge of the meeting and does not know the meeting facilitator, is also falling to pieces. There exists multiple pieces of evidence to put to rest that assertion by Trump Jr., and the ease of acquiring this proof is a real testament to his incompetence.

Firstly, Donald Trump knows Emin Agalarov well. This was established back in April when he provided information to the American media that Trump indeed lied about having “NO TIES” to Russia and never had intentions of business dealings with or in Russia. Trump appeared in a music video for the young Russian pop star in 2013, and ultimately sold the Miss Universe franchise to his father, Aras. More troubling, Aras is a close friend of Putin’s and the recipient of an Order of Honor of the Russian Federation from said president. Further, social media communications between the Agalarovs and the Trumps demonstrate continued contact between the two families, including messages from both Agalarovs congratulating Donald Trump on his presidential win in November.

Rob Goldstone, Emin Agalarov’s agent, openly admitted that he facilitated the meeting between Veselnitskaya, and it was allegedly Goldstone who emailed Trump Jr. to articulate that she may have information about leaked DNC information regarding Clinton. Certainly, this makes things look suspicious but is still circumstantial, until one takes a look at Goldstone’s Facebook profile.

Given that Trump Tower was essentially the headquarters of the entire Trump campaign, it might still be possible — albeit extremely unlikely — that Donald Trump had no idea that his son, top advisor and son-in-law were conducting a meeting with an unregistered foreign agent with the express purpose of aiding his campaign, in his residence, as per Goldstone’s check-in on the day-of:

Image Screengrab from Facebook/Rob Goldstone.

But then, there’s the following photo, which was posted to Rob Goldstone’s Facebook profile on November 8th, 2016, and still remains posted as of this writing. It very clearly proves that Donald Trump and Rob Goldstone have quite literally sat one person apart and dined together. Further, the person who sits between them in Emin Agalarov, the very person who connects the two of them circumstantially above. Finally, check out the disturbing caption Goldstone wrote to accompany it:

‘The A Team – headed to the White House!’

Image Screengrab from Facebook/Rob Goldstone.


President Trump knew that his family and team were undertaking this meeting — of this, there is now no doubt despite what the Trump administration and extremity connections may claim.

Feature Image via Getty Images.

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