Damning Video Leaked Of Trump Meeting With Russian From Donald Jr. Scandal


CNN just released a video that shows Donald Trump in an extremely sticky situation. Surely Trump couldn’t foresee the now astronomical scandal that would be in his near future, or know that his recorded meetings would be held against him in just a year’s time, but that is exactly what just happened.

According to CNN:

“The video shows the future President Donald Trump attending a dinner with an Azerbaijani-Russian family who became Trump’s business partners in Las Vegas in June 2013. It also shows their publicist, Rob Goldstone, who would later send Donald Trump Jr. the emails that have brought the eldest Trump son to the center of the controversy over possible collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russia.”

The emails at the center of this scandal state that Goldstone had sensitive and damaging information about Hillary Clinton via a person he called the “the Crown prosecutor of Russia” and a man named Aras Agalarov, who is directly linked to Vladimir Putin.

Goldstone offers to set up a meeting with Eric Trump and Emin Agalarov, a Russian music sensation and son to Aras Agalarov. Goldstone is Emin Agalarov’s publicist.

The video in question shows exactly how close a relationship the now president of the United States has with this odd set of Russian characters. I mean, are there any Russians Trump doesn’t know on a first name basis? Not only does Donald Trump know the Agalarovs by name, but he has done multi-million dollar deals with them.

CNN states that:

“Aras Agalarov and Emin Agalarov inked a multi-million dollar deal with Trump to bring the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013” and  “the video was shot on June 15, 2013 in Las Vegas on the eve of the Miss USA pageant where Trump would officially announce the deal to bring the Miss Universe contest to Moscow.”
One part that stands out in the video is when Trump remarks on the appearance of Emil Agalarov’s mother and sister during the dinner, saying:

“Whoa, look at this! Now I’m glad we’re going to dinner. What a beautiful mother you have! Well, you produce good looking stuff, right? Beautiful stuff.”

He is so gross.

Check out the video below via CNN:

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