Trump Continues Wild Wednesday Morning Tweetstorm & This One Is Insane


Never has the nation seen an insecure brat take over the White House, but since it happened last January, there has been endless proof of such. Donald Trump cannot control his tiny little mind, nor can he get a handle on his compulsive need to tweet. The logic-based people in America are fed up with seeing this buffoon blowing up his social media pages almost every single morning. The president doesn’t take to Twitter to spread warmth and compassion, or to try to unite us as a people; Trump tweets to create aggression, and to fill the minds of America’s less than intelligent with blind hatred.

Wednesday morning, Trump went on a belligerent rant in which he touched on topics like Hillary Clinton, ISIS, and the “witch-hunt” he’s supposedly the victim of. Then, shortly after, Trump posted two more tweets:

Trump simply cannot stop talking about Hillary Clinton. While she may have been a less than desirable candidate to many, she was far more qualified to do the job Trump is failing miserably at. If Hilary Clinton were president, at the very least, we would still have the respect of foreign leaders, who have looked at U.S. presidents with admiration and respect throughout history, until now.

This piece of hilarity came soon after:

Why would the president say the White House was “functioning perfectly” unless it actually wasn’t? We know, by now, that Trump is about as good at covering his ass as a toddler who gets into the cookie jar and then lies about it with chocolate all over their face.

The internet response to this has been insane. Here are a few of the responses in the Twitter thread.

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