Melania Tweets Phony Message From France – The Internet Immediately Attacks


Melania Trump is likely hating her forced break from shopping and brunch with her girlfriends. The first fembot, however, is really good at pretending not to be miserable, and after such a long marriage to a man like Donald Trump, we get it. But everyone knows if Melania really cared about visiting sick children living in hospitals and treatment centers, she likely would have done it before her husband won the White House.

Instead, we have very little insight into the daily shenanigans Melania would get up to before she was thrust into the limelight and unable to leave her home without being heavily guarded. Her husband has put a target on the backs of anyone named Trump, and Melania is probably just trying to survive this ride for as long as it lasts. This explains a fake tweet Melania posted on Twitter Thursday morning after arriving in Paris.

The response coming from Twitter users is on par with the kind of divide happening in America right now. We have a few of the comments from this tweet below:

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