TIME Magazine Releases Damaging Trump Jr. Scandal Cover Photo (IMAGE)


The Trump family has seen nothing but scandal since Trump Sr. took office in January. From the sexual assault allegations, to Trump’s obvious marital issues, this family has got some serious skeletons in their closet. The latest scandal surrounding Trump Jr. has seemingly taken over the media, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Now, TIME Magazine has weighed in on the email scandal with a new cover page that is going to ruin the first day of Trump’s French trip Thursday.

The title of the cover reads “Red Handed – THE RUSSIA SCANDAL HITS HOME,” and it does. Trump Jr. has been doing anything he can to put out the fires this revelation kicked up, but it seems as though his cries are falling on deaf ears.

It’s about time the lies catch up with the Trumps, and people are ready for some actual consequences despite all the federal investigations happening as we speak.

This one’s going to hurt.

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