Trump Aggressively Jerks First Lady Of France’s Hand After Major Snub (VIDEO)


Donald Trump hates strong women. That is evident every time he comes in contact with them. Thankfully, Trump lives with Melania and Ivanka, so he hasn’t been faced with this obstacle too many times in his life.

This morning, Trump met again with the President of France and his wife, and their initial encounter was very odd. After the wildly circulated news that the first lady of France snubbed Trump for a handshake last time they met, Trump was obviously feeling some sort of way about it.

After arriving in France, Trump and Melania pulled up in front of the French leader and his wife. Trump and Melania exited their limo and headed straight toward the couple. First Trump shook the hand or President Macron, and the exchange went fairly normally. Then came time to shake the hand of Mrs. Macron, to which Trump responded with a very strange handshake. Trump grabbed the top of Macron’s hand, to assert dominance as body language experts insist, and then he yanked her closer to him twice.

Check out the awkward exchange below via YouTube:

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