Ivanka Faces Big Backlash On Twitter After Lying About Trump’s Humanitarianism


The hypocrisy is strong in the Trump family. While Ivanka Trump was covering the presidency for daddy while he visited Paris, she posted a tweet that received some strong backlash.

Ivanka tweeted:

‘I look forward to welcoming this brilliant team of Afghan girls, and their competitors, to Washington DC next week! #WomenInSTEM’

In the tweet, she linked to an article by POLITICO that reported the decision to refuse visas to the team of Afghan girls was reversed “at the urging of President Donald Trump.” Although Afghanistan is not on the list of six countries that are banned from entering the United States, POLITICO reported they had their visas denied at least twice. It also should be noted that the Department of Homeland Security only allowed the girls into the US under “parole,” which allowed them to be here for 10 days and is not considered a visa. So, basically they were let in under a system that honestly sounds like a law enforcement officer saying, “I’m watching you. Behave.”

So, is it good of Trump to allow them in? Yes. However, we wouldn’t be in this predicament had he not instituted his Muslim ban to begin with. Many Twitter users responded to Ivanka’s tweet with that same sentiment.

‘Oh please…this wouldn’t have been an issue if her father, the alleged POTUS, hadn’t issued his ridiculous ban. Ivanka wasn’t elected!’

‘maybe talk to your dad about why he tried to ban them in the first place?’

Another Twitter user noted the timing of Trump’s intervention.

‘I’m happy 4 the girls. Too bad for you, Trump didn’t make the choice to “intervene” b4 Don Jr tweeted the smoking gun in the Russia scandal.’

Other responses included:

‘Not going to France with daddy? Oh, you are sitting in for him as president.’

‘No-she is headed to a media conference out West to spend more federal funds on secret service protection.’

‘The American ppl did not vote for you. You do nothing for women & children. Your crooked dad cuts off programs to help women & children.’

‘How did a fake shoe designer wind up in our WH?? No worries. Ur whole family is goin down! How much are we paying u?????’

‘Great! Next maybe you can help out the workers getting the crap kicked out of them at your shoe factory.’

‘If it had never been covered in the media, he wouldn’t give a hoot about these girls. Your PR desperation is showing.’

‘Yeah!!! Way to go to make up for rejecting Muslims!!’

Featured image by Pool/Getty Images.

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