Thousands Of Voters Just Unregistered To Avoid Trump’s Voter Fraud (DETAILS)


People don’t trust Donald Trump or his administration. That lack of trust is so deep that some are giving up a right that people have died for folks to have. As a result of Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, Wayne Williams’ decision to comply with Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission’s request for records, thousands of registered voters have unregistered.

Simply put, Colorado voters don’t want the Trump administration to have their information and aren’t comfortable with their privacy being infringed upon. One woman, who only wanted to be recognized only as Sharon, said:

‘It’s privacy. Sorry. I withdrew my voter registration; we shouldn’t have to do that, but sometimes you have to take some measures to protect yourself and what you believe in.’

Sharon isn’t the only person in her family taking “some measures” to protect herself. Sharon’s husband and adult children have also decided to take the extreme step of unregistering to vote, rather than to have their information turned over to Trump’s commission.

In fact, Sharon isn’t alone in her desire to prove a point to Colorado’s Secretary of State, as well as the Trump administration. Thousands of people withdrew their voter registration in Colorado last week alone.

Colorado Secretary of State, Wayne Williams could’ve pushed back on Trump’s commission’s request for voting records. Had Williams done so, he would’ve joined the ranks of a number of other states’ leaders who just aren’t willing to sell their constituents out to help Trump prove a point that he has already been told — countless times — is moot.

Instead, Williams has chosen to go along to get along. Having only this to say:

‘It’s my hope that folks who withdrew their registration will re-register, particularly once they realize that no confidential information will be provided and that the parties and presidential candidates already have the same publicly available information from the 2016 election cycle.’

Rescinding their voter registration isn’t the only option constituents have. They may also register as “confidential voters,” which would allow their information to be withheld from inquiries such as the kind Trump’s commission is looking to make. However, there is a catch to registering in this way. A voter must sign an affidavit stating that he/she is worried about harassment or physical danger.

There is also a five dollar application fee required to secure the designation of “confidential.”

A Denver news station’s most recent report on those who would rather surrender their right to vote than allow the Trump administration to have their information, can be seen below:

Featured Image via Getty/Sean Gallup/Staff

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