Trump Goes On Unhinged 4 A.M. Healthcare Rant From Paris Like A Maniac


The one thing Trump seems to hate the most is that he cannot compare, in the American voters eyes, to President Obama. The new president has been known to whine that the media was much kinder to his predecessor without understanding that this is because there were no major scandals during Obama’s administration, no matter how hard the Republicans and GOP voters tried to invent one.

It is Obama’s signature achievement, however, that sticks in Trump’s craw the most. Trump promised on the campaign trail to repeal Obama’s healthcare bill “on day one” with little idea of how the government works and how important this particular area is to the American people.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the GOP’s favorite whipping boy for eight years despite its many positive aspects and outcomes. A preexisting condition can no longer keep a person from being denied insurance and treatment. Lifetime caps are a thing of the past, so disabled and special needs children no longer use all the medical insurance available to them at a very young age. Children can remain on their parents’ insurance through college and while building a life of their own.

Most importantly. more than 20 million people who were previously insured are now covered thanks to the ACA, yet in an effort to undermine Obama’s achievement, the current president insists the healthcare policy is a “disaster.”

While the GOP has complained bitterly about Obama’s healthcare bill for eight years, they have yet to write a workable or passable bill of their own. The bills they have written have been unpopular among voters and, despite two attempts previously, lacked enough support in Congress to pass. Meanwhile, those who have been covered under the ACA’s policies have protested its proposed repeal and demonstrated at their elected representatives’ offices to threaten their jobs should their life-saving healthcare be taken away.

Twitter reminded Trump of these facts and many others.

Featured image via Getty/Pool

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