Trump Sends Out Arrogant France Tweet – Angry Internet Makes Him Pay Instantly


It’s Bastille Day in France, and President Trump is there as the special guest of French President Emmanuel Macron. While there, he has of course not stopped tweeting, and his tweets are as inane as ever. It’s again as if Trump treats the presidency as some kind of school project, even though millions of lives are technically in his hands.

After a lengthy rant about the ongoing U.S. Senate efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump turned his attention to issues more acutely relevant to his stay in France.

He tweeted a message in honor of the one year anniversary of the 2016 terror attack in Nice, France, that killed 86 people. That attack, carried out on Bastille Day 2016, consisted of a radicalized Muslim plowing his truck into a large crowd of people gathered for an evening fireworks display. Besides the almost 100 dead, hundreds more were wounded in the attack.

Trump’s message reads:

‘The United States mourns for the victims of Nice, France. We pledge our solidarity with France against terror.’

There’s one problem. Trump’s words on the occasion of the one year anniversary of this terror attack ring hollow on account of what kind of rhetoric always seems to accompany his condolences. He has repeatedly moved to ban citizens from a number of Muslim majority countries from entering the United States, even though these people pose no special, verifiable threat to our national security.

That’s what Trump means by pledging our “solidarity with France against terror.” He means that he plans to keep working towards keeping Muslims out of the United States and towards “bombing the sh*t” out of ISIS, no matter what the cost to global stability.

Trump’s next Twitter message is where the really pathetic stuff comes into play.

He wrote:

‘Great conversations with President @EmmanuelMacron and his representatives on trade, military and security’

In the context of an array of decisions on the part of the Trump Administration, including that to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord and that to devote massive amounts of time and resources to building a pointless U.S./ Mexico border wall, Trump’s grade school diary-esque reference to his “great conversations” rings especially hollow.

Twitter was sure to point this out to the president. Check that out below.

Trump eventually added one final message before leaving France, acting as though he thinks of himself more as a golf fan than as the president of the United States — which would make sense considering how much time he spends on a golf course.

Trump wrote:

‘Left Paris for U.S.A. Will be heading to New Jersey and attending the #USWomensOpen, their most important tournament, this afternoon.’

Featured Image viaΒ Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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