Chelsea Clinton Exposes ‘Fox News’ As A Fraud During Heroic Saturday Morning Take-Down


For a network with viewers who complain constantly about a biased mainstream media, no one there seems to mind saying some of the most horrible and disgusting things imaginable about anyone from the Democratic Party. In particular, Fox News hosts love saying the most vile and outrageous things possible about Hillary Clinton and even stoop to attacking her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who is not in politics and never has been.

On Friday’s episode of The Five, Fox News contributor Lisa Marie Boothe made controversial comments about Hillary Clinton and her relationship with her daughter, Chelsea. Outraged by what Boothe sees as Clinton’s heartless political ambition, a trait men are praised for while women are criticized, the contributor took her criticism way beyond the line of what should be acceptable on a channel that purports to be “news.”

‘The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, he literally worked for the most soulless woman on this planet, who would literally sell her daughter to be president if she could, sell her only child to be president.’

Ambition, when shown by a woman, is an evil thing according to the most misogynistic news channel around. While their tendency to say awful and sexist things, and especially about any woman on the left, is nothing new, the disgusting attack mentioning the daughter of Hillary Clinton takes the network’s stance against her to a whole new level.

Chelsea Clinton responded on Twitter with her usual grace and class.

Chelsea’s ability to withstand unfair criticism of her parents, often also directed at her, is well-known. Twitter did not let her continuous stance on taking the high road go unnoticed.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter by @yashar

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