Down Goes Eric Trump: ‘Newsweek’ Rocks Political World With Theft & Fraud Bombshell


While the news cycle is currently focused on Donald Trump, Jr. and his confession to collusion with the Russian government to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of his father, Trump’s other adult son has been largely ignored lately. A report from Newsweek, however, reveals that Trump’s other adult son is just as shady and dishonest as his brother.

Despite being heir to his father’s fortune, which Trump bragged was $10 million although Forbes debunked that figure and estimated it as just over $3 billion, Eric Trump has stolen from a children’s cancer charity and made some dodgy deals with his father so he could avoid paying taxes. It seems all three of Trump’s oldest children are less than honest. While Ivanka outsources the production of her clothing line to sweat shops in foreign countries and Trump, Jr. is more than willing to collude with a hostile foreign power to upend the democratic process, Eric Trump has committed equally nefarious acts.

Newsweek reports that some shady real estate deals, in which the senior Trump sold his son, Eric, prime real estate at well below its actual value, were used to reduce the amount of taxes the new president of the United States should be legally mandated to pay.

‘Tax attorney and Institute for Policy Studies Associate Fellow Bob Lord asks, “This is really, really primo real estate. Why would you show a sale at $350,000 other than to play games for tax purposes?”

‘The property — two apartment units in a Trump-owned building — sold for about half what they were probably worth, according to ProPublica. Some quick back of the envelope math shows the Trump family likely dodged about a third of a million dollars in gift taxes on the deal and perhaps a nice chunk of income tax as well, according to Lord.’

Additionally, Newsweek reminded its readers that the president’s son recently came under fire when it was revealed that his Eric Trump Foundation helped the Trumps profit from the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s cancer research fund they claimed to be raising money to support.

‘Foundation filings reviewed by Forbes show the Trump organization received more than $1.2 million from the charity for the annual one-day use of the course over the past decade. They also showed that $500,000 of the funds raised at the event over the years was re-donated to other charities, not put towards children’s cancer research.

‘The Forbes story was enough to prompt the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to open an investigation into the allegations of self-dealing by the Eric Trump Foundation.’

Avoiding taxes however possible seems to be a Trump family motto, but profiting off the suffering of children with cancer is particularly deplorable. Before everyone begins thinking that Trump, Jr.’s acts were unprecedentedly disgusting, let’s not forget that that entire Trump family seems to be equally as bad.

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