Joy Reid Laughs In The Face Of Then Verbally Dissects Trump Supporter During Saturday Take-Down


Saturday morning during an airing of MSNBC‘s AM Joy, host Joy Ann Reid took her Trump supporting guest down a notch by using sheer logic when he tried to defend the Trump family’s actions over the past week.

During the Saturday morning interview, Reid questioned Ambassador John Bolton’s former chief of staff, Fred Fleitz. Fleitz insisted that there was no way that the meeting in Trump tower with the Russian lawyer wasn’t a big deal and was never meant to be a big deal. He tried to drive that point home by insisting that Rob Goldstone, a cheesy music promoter, was the one who set the meeting up. According to Bolton, the only reason Donald Trump Jr. humored the idea was because Goldstone is a friend.

Fleitz’s reasoning doesn’t make a lot of sense considering that Trump Jr. has already said he agreed to the meeting because he thought the information promised on Hillary Clinton would help his father’s presidential campaign.

Fleitz held up a photo of Goldstone dressed as a pirate, as if to emphasize his point. He said:

‘What we have here is a playboy celebrity publicist who likes to hang out with Tina Turner and Miss America contestants, who lied to get a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. that he ordinarily would not have held. Ive got to tell you that someone who is really involved in this intricate Russian intelligence operation would have never sent the email we discussed earlier, mentioning this operation exists.’

‘This guy was exaggerating, this guy was lying to get his client in front of Donald Trump Jr. That’s what happened here, all this other stuff is fantasy.’

Reid didn’t let him get off easily, however, and quickly responded:

‘Let me ask you a question. It’s not fantasy because the meeting took place. In your view, if this person said to Donald Trump Jr., “I’ve got this information from the Russian government.” What would be the motivation of Donald Trump Jr. to say “yes,” and take the meeting?’

Fleitz quickly explained that the two men were friends and:

‘Because Donald Trump Jr. knows this guy is a flake.’

When Reid refused to back down from Fleitz’s ridiculous explanation, cross examining his line of thinking, he complained that, “this is a rigged interview.”

You can watch the clip in the video below:

Featured Image via screen capture.

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