Mike Pence Just Called Trump “Humble” During LIVE Speech & Got Roasted So Hard It Hurt


Mike Pence blow people’s minds after he gave a speech at the National Student Leadership conference where he explained that good leaders are humble, then praised President Trump. The speech Pence gave to high school students was littered with weirdness. He began by talking about a book Donald Trump wrote thirty years ago, The Art of the Deal, which he insists is an “American classic.” So, by that measure, anything that is old and technically American can now be categorized as an “American classic.” Pence went on to lay out some of the heaviest praise he’s ever given to Donald Trump during the speech, which is not at all out of character. The vice president then decided to impart some words of “wisdom” on the students, giving them an example of how humility is an important part of being a good leader, using Donald Trump as an example.

‘Our president, he leads by asking questions and he listens.’

He gave the crowd an example of when Trump spent nearly two hours listening and asking questions while meeting with tech executives once during the transition. Pence continued:

‘And I believe that reflects the kind of humility that will enhance your ability to be a leader.’

While no one is interested in arguing that humility among leaders is anything but a positive quality, many people are puzzled as to how anyone could actually believe that Trump possesses such qualities. Donald Trump is actually well known the world over for being anything but humble. Asking questions and listening as a leader is simply doing your job. Trump swallowing his pride and listening to other people might be an accomplishment for him, but regular people just call that being a human being. Here are some of the amazing Twitter reactions:

You can listen to the audio from Pence’s speech in it’s entirety below: https://youtu.be/-v59AtIrqMI Featured Image via Getty Images

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