Trump Stops Golf Vacation & Goes On Delusional Tweet-Tirade That Has The Internet In Uproar


Donald Trump, the same man who promised never to go on vacation or golf while president because he “would not be a president who takes time off,” is on yet another golf club vacation weekend at one of his own clubs in New Jersey for the U.S. Women’s Open. No worries, though, since Trump is taking a “working weekend” by continuing the difficult task of tweeting all the lies he needs his supporters to hear.

Trump’s promises on trade, jobs, and the economy have rarely panned out, despite his claims that he is the best deal negotiator in the world. His strategy so far has been to alienate leaders of other countries, insult everyone who disagrees with him, and claiming victories that belong to the former administration under President Obama. To hear Trump tell it, though, he has already, in just under six months, undone everything Obama ever did and made America great again.

Of course, Trump has passed no major legislation so far in his presidency and most of the economic progress being made is a result of all the policies Obama passed that Trump hasn’t yet been able to undo. Additionally, the stock market actually took a big hit this week when Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Russian government officials during the presidential campaigns.

Twitter did not let Trump forget these facts and more.

Featured image via Getty/Elsa

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