Cher Tweets At Trump Like A Total Boss & The Internet Is Absolutely Ecstatic


One of Donald Trump’s harshest celebrity critics just sounded off on Twitter, and it’s everything you could ever expect it to be. It’s poignant, it hits all the relevant points, and it’s filled with emojis. Furthermore, it’s Cher. What else can be said?

The tweet hit the Twitter airwaves at about noon EST on Saturday and came after a tenuous week for the Trump administration when revelations were made that Trump’s son Donald, Jr. met previously with a Russian lawyer in an attempt to dig up the goods on Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton during the hotly contested presidential election in 2016. Furthermore, in the email chain that revealed the correspondence between his colleague and Trump, Jr. regarding the Russian lawyer, he was told the Russian government supported his father.

The tweet also came at a pivotal moment in the Republican Party  with the attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare with a Trump replacement. So far, it doesn’t look good for that bill, and the GOP’s widespread promise that they would do away with the evils of Obamacare have fallen apart.

Twitter users responded to Cher’s tweet, loving it. She has a strong and dedicated Twitter following of around 3.36 million individuals. They refer to themselves as #chercrew.

‘Gonna tell you what CREW wants…’

‘You say everyone’s feelings everywhere. Thank you @cher – just left the EU and UK, they laugh and cry with our misery. You from Flint!’

Others went straight for Trump’s throat and left their criticisms and extreme distaste for the POTUS in the Twitter replies.

‘#Cher PPL around GLOBE want to LIVE let LIVE B happy SHORT time #GOD given us ENJOY but #TRUMP piece CRAP wants it ALL #usa MUST #RESIST’

‘But the thing is Cher is that he can’t tell the truth. I don’t think he knows how to tell the truth’

‘You wouldn’t expect that kind of a guy to take away healthcare AND have a 300k / year private club, would ya??? he sucks so much.’

‘Cher..he does. Pence is saying it. Using religion to sell death to his own people. That is worse.’

‘Putin won’t let him!’

‘Christian PPL ???? Trump don’t believes in God He THINKS he is God out the Christian part’

‘It’s certainly not his USA. He doesn’t belong where he is and I can’t stand another minute of it!’

‘@cher your clever essence with emoji-speak is an artform unto itself! #brava #artistry #WordsOfWisdom’

Featured image by Win McNamee/Getty Images.

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