Olbermann And Eric Trump Face Off On Twitter Over St. Jude’s Hospital Report


On Saturday, political commentator Keith Olbermann responded to a tweet that came from White House counsel Kellyanne Conway, in which she was replying to someone else’s tweet, jumping to the defense of Donald Trump Jr.

Olbermann’s outrage toward young Trump comes from a June report that claimed the Eric Trump Foundation may have been funneling money in the Donald J.Trump Foundation. Donors were under the impression that all the money would be going directly to charity, however, the report states that the money from a golf tournament hosted by Eric had been sent through his own foundation directly into the Trump golf courses, allegedly to cover the expenses of the event. Olbermann was sure to remind Conway of this exact instance.

Much like his father, Eric Trump does not know when to leave things alone. He hopped on Twitter, clearly taking offense to Olbermann’s tweet. Eric responded to Olbermann, outlining the “good” that he has done for dying children.

Olbermann obliterated Trump, calling him out for being a sleazeball for taking a profit of the money raised for dying kids. Olbermann also made sure that Trump knew that he himself was a charitable person, but never would expect to gain any sort of profit for his caring and contributions. First and foremost, Eric Trump blocked Keith Olbermann on the social media site before he even had a chance to reply.

Of course users on Twitter were just as outraged by Eric Trump and the whole ordeal as Olbermann was, and they did not hold back in expressing their opinions.

You can see some of the best responses to this tweet thread below.

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