Trump Goes On Deranged Sunday AM Don Jr. Rant Like A Mentally Defective Loser


Donald Trump is a man-child the likes of which this country has never seen. It’s been decades since there was even a president’s child young enough to act a complete fool and embarrass the nation. Only difference is, despite their age, no child living in the White House has done nearly the damage, if any, that Trump has done with his Twitter account.

Trump isn’t exactly living the high life in D.C., in fact, he is living any ego-driven narcissist’s nightmare. There is literally nothing good to say about his presidency, making the media look as if they are purposely targeting his administration by reporting the facts.

The major scandal Trump Jr. has found himself in isn’t lost on his father, who cant stop ranting about it on social media. Check out Sunday’s psychotic Twitter rant, and see for yourself how unhinged the president of the United States is:

The internet reaction to this mega rant says it all, and we caught some of the best responses below:

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