Trump Live Tweets New Approval Poll Ratings & Flies Into Unhinged Freakout


As everyone who has followed Trump on Twitter knows, all negative polls rating his presidency are “fake news.” The only poll Trump trusts is Rasmussen, which typically slants right and favorably in his direction. However, as soon as the numbers released in any poll begin to reflect the true outlook of the American voters, such as the newly released ABC News/Washington Post poll showing Trump’s approval rating at just 36 percent, the majority of whom are disappointed by Trump’s presidency, Trump gets triggered.

Actually, a rating below 40% is historically bad for a president just six months into his term. In fact, it has been seven full decades since a new president has scored so low in such a short amount of time.

‘An approval rating of only 36 percent at this point in a presidential administration is the lowest recorded at any point in the past seventy years. The last president to come close was Gerald Ford, who was coming off the Watergate scandal. Six months into Ford’s presidency, he had an approval rating of about 39 percent.

‘Obama’s approval rating at this same point in his presidency was a full 20 points higher than Trump’s, at 59 percent. Bill Clinton’s approval rating six months into his presidency was 45 percent.’

Twitter wasn’t buying Trump’s enthusiasm over a less than 40% approval rating, nor was anyone simply accepting that low ratings in the polls are “fake news.”

Featured image via Getty/Elsa

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