Trump Tweets About New Navy Ship After Ignoring Latest Sailor Death; Twitter Attacks


Here is yet another way to see just where the president’s priorities lie. They do not lie with promoting the interests of low income, suffering Americans. Rather, they lie with promoting the “big stick” side of American foreign policy above all else. Trump cares little for substance, instead devoting much more time to beefing up America’s public image as a surly, angry, self obsessed nation — patterned, of course, after himself.

On Sunday, President Trump posted a Twitter message commemorating the recent christening of the new U.S. Navy ship the U.S.S. John Finn. The tweet is a short video clip from the recent ceremony that officially inaugurated the ship as “in service.” Check it out below.

The U.S.S. John Finn is the Navy’s latest Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, as reported by Stars And Stripes.

Commemorating the christening of this new ship is not problematic in of itself; it only becomes problematic when coupling it with where Trump is coming from in making this commemoration.

Earlier this year, the Trump Administration unveiled what they called a “hard power budget,” proposing boosting military spending in the upcoming fiscal year by ten percent, or about $54 billion. That money wouldn’t be raised from tax cuts; rather, the Trump Administration proposed massive cuts to basically every federal agency, including everything from the State Department to the United States Department of Agriculture.

In short, Trump proposes to replace American diplomacy with American military might. That is not a recipe for making our relationships with the rest of the world more stable.

On top of this, the president’s commitment to actually protecting the lives and well-being of members of the America is arguable at best. His only moves to protect the nation’s system for caring for sick veterans have been to make it easier to fire people in the VA, which isn’t exactly a recipe for making things better in a system that is desperately understaffed.

More recently, Trump tweeted over and over again attacking everyone from the news media to James Comey before finally acknowledging the victims of a recent military plane crash in the days following the incident.

Check out Twitter’s take on the president’s latest tweet below.

Featured Image via Olivier Douliery-Pool via Getty Images

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