Trump’s Attorney Eaten Alive On Sunday Talk Show Circuit & It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)


Where politics are concerned, the Sunday morning news circuit was once seen as the most competitive and high-profile. The shows were known for dissecting political agendas and sharing them with the world. However, over the years, things have changed and the Sunday shows have lost the prestige they once had, that is, until recently.

The Trump-Russia scandal has rocked American politics to its core. Americans are both disgusted with and yearning for information about the latest developments in the investigation. For this news, many have once again turned to the Sunday shows. In general, all of the shows come on around the same time or overlap. Therefore, the network that gets the best guest/s, is seen as having set the political dialogue for the week.

Very rarely will one guest do more than one show; it’s even more rare for one guest to appear on all five. In fact it’s so rare that when it was first done in 1998, the person who did it, former Monica Lewinsky attorney William H. Ginsburg, had his name lent to the Capital Hill slang term still used to describe the feat. Known as the full Ginsburg, appearing on all five major network Sunday news shows sends a powerful message.

In the long history of Sunday morning network news shows, very few have followed in Ginsburg’s steps. When people do make rounds to all five shows, it typically means they want a universal message sent to the varying demographics that each network attracts. Sending a universal message of Donald Trump’s innocence, while vilifying the Secret Service and the DNC, had to have been the message Trump legal team member, Jay Sekulow, was trying to convey on Sunday when he pulled the full Ginsburg.

Following Trump’s pattern of making himself out to be the victim no matter who he demonizes in the process, Sekulow, like Trump, questioned an arm of America’s national security team. He called out the Secret Service for allowing the meeting to happen and permitting Trump Jr., who had Secret Service protection at the time, to be present.

Almost in a way that sounded like Trump would throw his son under the bus if it comes down to it, Sekulow made it abundantly clear that he represents Donald Trump Sr., not his son. When reminded about Trump Jr.’s claim that the world knows everything there is to know about the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, and asked if everything has truly been disclosed, Sekulow replied:

‘Well let me say this. I don’t represent Donald Trump Jr., I represent the President, and what I can tell you is that the President was not aware of that meeting and did not attend that meeting. Don Trump Jr. was explicitly clear on his interview on the Sean Hannity broadcast.’

When asked why the FBI wasn’t notified about a foreign entity offering assistance in an election, he deflected as those associated with Trump often do:

‘Well I wonder why the Secret Service, if this was nefarious, why did the Secret Service allow these people in.’

Also in line with team Trump’s typical mode of operation, Sekulow then deflected and projected by bringing up ties the DNC allegedly had with the Ukrainian government. As Trump’s attorney, no one would expect Sekulow to openly acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of Donald Trump. However, continuing to undermine America’s intelligence community is a reminder of just how unpatriotic everyone associated with Donald Trump, really is.

Sekulow’s full interview on This Week may be viewed below:

Featured Image screengrab via ABC News.

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