Ann Coulter Hate-Tweets Delta Airlines Until 4AM Like A Single Loser With No Friends


Ann Coulter, author and conservative commentator, was so upset that she was asked to move seats that she continued to Tweet into the early morning hours about it.

On Saturday Ann Coulter took to social media to air her grievances with Delta Airlines over being moved from one seat to another. The seat she was moved from, she says, had “extra room” for long legs, and she paid extra to book it. She was so offended by the fact that she was moved from her assigned seat, like many people are every day on almost every major airline, that she felt to need to jump up on her soap box and shout about the horrible abusive injustice she feels she endured.

According to Delta, Coulter’s originally assigned seat was a window seat, she didn’t change it to an aisle seat until 24 hours prior to flying. That information directly debunks what Coulter tweeted, that she’d booked the seat weeks in advance. She was moved to a window seat after other passengers, likely a family flying together, requested to be moved. Perhaps Ann hadn’t considered that other people exist in the world and not all of them are cold-hearted and alone.

Coulter called Delta Airlines the “worst airline in America” and even went so far as to share a photo of the person who was seated there with her 1.6 Twitter followers. After Delta responded to her, calling her ridiculous word vomit unacceptable, Coulter responded:

UPDATE 9:58am PST: Coulter just took to Twitter again to bash Delta:

Delta’s tweet, condemning Coulter’s rude and insulting comments about the short woman who was seated in “her” seat, was completely non-combative, but being that she is the epitome of a “snowflake” she called Delta Airlines fascists.

The image in Coulter’s tweet below shows the passenger that took her seat, along with what appears to be her family sitting next to her.

In all of the madness it becomes clear that being a blond, white, conservative woman of privilege, Coulter didn’t feel it necessary to read the fine print, that says all seats are subject to reassignment. She actually compared her treatment to brutal torture.

Unless you’re in first class, airlines are generally uncomfortable. Even first class isn’t comfortable sometimes. Such is life. Nobody flies commercial for the flight alone, they do it because the of the travel time compared to the distance.

Twitter users refuse to let the angry commentator off the hook for her behavior, and some of the reactions are worth a second glance.

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