President Trump Just Went Back To D.C. Without Melania And Barron (DETAILS)


This past Sunday was the last day of the U.S. Women’s Open, which was held at Donald Trump’s private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump himself attended this tournament after coming back to the United States from a trip overseas for France’s Bastille Day celebrations, and journalist Laura Rozen reports an interesting detail of the president’s accommodations for his time in New Jersey.

President Trump headed back to the Washington, D.C., area on Sunday night, but Rozen says that he was not accompanied by either his wife Melania or his and Melania’s son, Barron. (The president’s other children are from his previous marriages.)

Rozen wrote on Twitter:

‘Jared Kushner and Ivanka seen by WH press pool with Trump in forward cabin on AF1 trip back from NJ to Andrews tonight. [I]f understood, [M]elania stayed back with Barron, not seen on the flight.’

Although there isn’t any immediate indication why what Rozen says transpired is the case, news of Melania staying behind in New Jersey will no doubt fuel the fire of skepticism about the health of the Trumps’ marriage. There have been a number of incidents throughout recent months that have seemed to indicate, to some people at least, that Donald and Melania not exactly getting along.

One of these was debunked by the office of the First Lady herself, with her explaining an overseas hand-slap as an attempt on her part to respect the diplomatic customs associated with their arrival in Israel.

Even so, there remain a number of well documented and highly publicized incidents that haven’t been explained away. For instance, time and time again Donald Trump has left Melania behind while disembarking Air Force One, and this has caught the attention of many. Trump, of course, is well known for being very self-centered.

As mentioned above, it isn’t clear why Melania and Barron would have been left behind in New Jersey Sunday night. The two of them did stay in New York City for some months after Trump moved to Washington, D.C., but that was only so Barron could finish out the school year.

Twitter obviously had a lot to say about this, and you can check that out below.

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images

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