Trump Tries On Cowboy Hat During ‘Made In America’ Event & Utter Hilarity Ensues


After his daily attempt at defending his son, President Trump headed to one of the first events for the White House’s weeklong “Made in America” celebration. Monday’s event was a product showcase that featured items from all 50 states.

As part of the showcase, Trump posed with a product from each of the country’s states, including a baseball bat, a firetruck, and a Texas-made cowboy hat from Stetson Hat Company.

When he delivered the hat to the president, Stetson head Dustin Noblitt described it as “the El Presidente.”

‘We have a hat here especially for him, it’s the El Presidente, it’s the General Edition and we had it scripted in the sweatband, Donald J. Trump, Make America Great Again 45th President and we have the seal as well.’

Trump immediately donned the hat after receiving it and called it “beautiful.”

In addition to taking dozens of photos, the president also delivered a speech about “the old days” when everything was made in America.

‘Remember in the old days? We used to have made in the USA, made in America. We’re going to start doing that again, we’re going to start putting that brand on our products because it means it’s the best.’

Trump’s promises were well received at the event, but, outside of the White House, he has repeatedly faced criticism for the fact that the majority of his own Trump-branded products are made abroad.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was questioned about the disparity between Trump’s business practices and his calls for more American-made products during Monday’s press briefing. Spicer responded by saying that it was “inappropriate” to discuss Trump’s penchant for having items with his name on them made outside of the U.S.

‘With respect to his own companies, obviously it’s inappropriate to discuss how anything would affect their own companies, but I can tell you that, in some cases, there are certain supply chains or scalability that may not be available in this country. I’m not going to comment on specific products, but I will tell you that the overall-arching goal, of course, though, is to grow manufacturing — to grow and invest here in the United States and to grow US workers here. So that remains the overall objective.’

A video of Trump trying on the cowboy hat can be seen below, along with some of the best responses to his new accessory.

Featured image via Twitter screenshot.

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