Childish Trump/Sessions Schoolyard Infighting Revealed – They Hate Each Other


Donald Trump has been dropping hints left and right about firing Jeff Sessions, but Wednesday morning, he released a statement about Sessions that make that realization a bit more realistic to Americans. Trump just tweeted this about the Attorney General he appointed.

Now, reports indicate that Sessions and Trump are no longer speaking to each other.

POLITICO reported that:

“Trump’s public criticisms of his attorney general have led to an unusual spectacle where the two men aren’t talking — but sending messages through their aides and waiting for a resolution to the fate of the country’s top law enforcement official, according to interviews with six White House aides and advisers, as well as Sessions allies.”

One of trump’s adviser’s says that:

“He wants to fire him but he doesn’t want the confrontation. He doesn’t mind the long negative storyline. He will torture him every single day.”

The pressure started to mount after AG Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. Trump sees this as a direct betrayal on Sessions’ part, saying this when asked if Sessions will be asked to resign, “I told you before: I’m very disappointed in my attorney general, but we will see what happens. Time will tell, time will tell.”

It’s only a matter of time.

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