Maxine Waters Shouts Over Trump’s Treasury Secretary Until He Breaks (VIDEO)


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on Thursday before the House Financial Services Committee, and while he was there, he got a verbal lashing from the Committee’s clearly fed up Ranking Member, Rep. Maxine Waters.

Waters pressed Mnuchin over why she had not yet received any formal response from him to a May letter requesting all records from the Treasury Department’s financial crimes division that cover Donald Trump, his family, and associates and any possible connections to Russia. Trump affiliated entities have come under scrutiny from the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit in the past.

The Treasury Secretary had no answer, but he was unsurprisingly not straightforward about that. Instead, he began by launching into a rant about how “thankful” he was for Rep. Waters’ service, seeing as the two of them are both from the state of California, but Waters was most assuredly not interested.

Mnuchin began his response by saying:

‘First of all, let me thank you for your service to California, being a resident of California I appreciate everything that you’ve done –‘

Waters cut him off and shot back by attempting what would soon become a number of times to “reclaim her time,” since lawmakers only get a few minutes to question witnesses. Waters wasn’t interested in all of her time being taken up by Mnuchin’s non-answers, cutting him off and saying:

‘Thank you very much, I don’t want to take up my time on how great I am.’

The belligerent Mnuchin was undeterred, and continued on with his non-answers. Rep. Waters thus simply repeated, multiple times, that she was “reclaiming my time,” until Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling eventually stepped in on Waters’ behalf and reminded Mnuchin that “the time belongs to the gentlelady from California.”

Following Hensarling’s rebuke. Rep. Waters said to Mnuchin;

‘Let me just say to you — thank you for your compliments about how great I am, but I don’t want to waste my time on me. I want to know about the May 23 letter. You know about it — why did you not respond to me and my colleagues?’

Mnuchin, unsurprisingly, did not actually answer Rep. Waters’ question, instead simply rambling on about how he was supposedly being mistreated by the firebrand Democrat, forcing Chairman Hensarling to come to her defense yet again.

As NowThis news put it, “When Maxine Waters asks you a question, you better answer it.”

Check out the video below.

Featured Image via Pete Marovich/Getty Images

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