Tiffany Trump Racking Up Govt. Bill On European Vacation; Americans Are Exhausted


The Trump family has cost taxpayers millions since Donald Trump took office. From Melania’s decision to remain in New York with Barron, to Eric and Donald’s extravagant so-called “business trips” around the world, the family seems to have no regard for the unnecessary burden they place on Americans when they travel about the world. Naturally, the expenses above don’t scratch the surface of the grand total once Trump’s frequent weekend getaways to his own resorts are factored in.

Nevertheless, whether some Americans like it or not, who the Trump family is affords them protection by the Secret Service. Therefore, where the Trumps go, American taxpayer-funded security for the Trumps also goes. For past commanders, the cost of protecting them and their families hasn’t been the source of such national outrage, but the Trumps seem to have a knack for being over-the-top and doing so with no regard for the fact that they’re millionaires, but the vast majority of the people Donald Trump is supposed to represent are not.

While no one really expects the Trumps to be still and never go anywhere, it seems legitimate that globetrotting for personal reasons in excess as they do, would lend itself to them paying for their own security details. They don’t, though. They definitely didn’t pick up the tab for Tiffany Trump’s recent European vacation with her boyfriend.

Proud of her fun, Tiffany posted about her trip on social media:

What Tiffany didn’t brag about was the big bucks her personal little experience cost taxpayers. Not including the salaries, airfare, and other expenses for her security detail, Tiffany’s love escape with her boyfriend was at least a whopping $22,439.

The Trump Organization didn’t respond to requests for comments on Tiffany’s or the other Trumps’ travels, but for those paying attention, no comment from the Trump Organization is really needed. The family’s sense of entitlement has been on display since they took office and every trip, expense, or other lack of fiscal responsibility is evidence of their belief that their privilege trumps all things. Pun very much intended.

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.

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