Trump Flies Into Pre-Dawn Twitter Psychosis Like A Mentally Defective Toddler


President Trump hasn’t accomplished squat since taking office in January, and while he is used to being a four-times bankrupt businessman, he is not used to failing on such a massive public platform. The pressure is seemingly getting to Trump, who goes on a loony pre-dawn Twitter rant about any and everything, just about every morning.

Thursday morning was no different. The blockage of the ACA repeal bill was obviously a huge blow to Trump’s fragile ego. Thankfully, Trump never sticks to one topic during these tirades. He started by making fun of the “failing” NY Times:

Then, he moved on to a more personal attack:

Trump’s delusional tweets are awesomely documented evidence of exactly the kind of man Donald Trump is. He has zero impulse control. He’s been told repeatedly that tweeting the way he does makes him look like a giant moron, and he has ignored every single person around him, and continues to humiliate the nation on a daily basis.

Miss Obama yet?

The internet response to these messages is hilarious. We have some of the best reactions below:

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