Scaramucci Responds To Wife’s Sudden Divorce Announcement Like A Damn Fool


Anthony Scaramucci is officially having the worst week of his life, and now he’s just made the very bad decision of talking about it publicly. Scaramucci’s wife announced plans to divorce Friday afternoon, citing her hatred for the Trump Administration as the key source of friction in their marriage.

Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Ball says she can no longer remain married to the new White House Communications Director due to the disgusting actions of President Trump. Ball says Scaramucci’s “naked political ambition” is the sole reason for this departure.

Scaramucci was too busy making himself into a martyr on Twitter:

Scaramucci, like many Trump supporters, can’t understand why he would be treated in such a manor just for joining Trump’s regime administration. The line, however, is clear and beaming red; he crossed it.

Viewers of the world wide web also had quite a bit to say about Scaramucci’s tweet. We have some of the best responses below via Twitter:

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