Maxine Waters Sends Out A Pence/Inauguration Message That Has Trump Fuming


Donald Trump is on his way out, and that is obvious to everyone but him and his band of evil spawns. There is an entire list of reasons Donald Trump should be impeached, it’s really just a matter of which ones politicians will pick. Will it be piss-gate? Will it be the sexual assault cases? Perhaps the major obstructions of justice? Either way, Trump has officially dug his own grave, and set up Mike Pence to be the next president of the United States.

California Rep. Maxine Waters takes every opportunity she gets to rip Donald to shreds, and this time is no different. Waters tweeted this late Saturday night:

That is a terrifying thought. Mike Pence does not deserve the presidency, nor could he ever have won the White House seat without riding on the coattails of Donald Trump and his con-job on America’s most dense. The last thing any liberal wants is a Pence White House, but the only other option is keeping Trump, and waiting to see if he blows up the entire planet after one of his heated tweetstorms.

The internet reaction is just what you’d expect, some funny, some ignorant. The perfect melting pot. We have some of the best responses below via Twitter:

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