Trump Tweets About ‘Enemies’ & ‘Social Media’ In Unhinged Tuesday Meltdown


Just six months into the presidency, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a childish loose cannon who flies off the handle at the slightest sign of opposition. He tries to run the White House like his own personal sweatshop, and when things don’t go his way, he runs to Twitter with one of his classic daily tantrums about how unfair his life is and how he is attacked by the media and just basically everyone else.

Tuesday morning’s third whiney rant really stuck out as a sign of something very ominous from the White House. The president is losing his mind.

Trump, we want you to stop using social media because you are the worst speaker this nation has ever seen, including nearly illiterate Lyndon Johnson. We want you to stop tweeting because you’re an embarrassment to every single citizen, dead or alive, ever to have been born here.

We don’t want you.

We don’t need you.

The internet agrees completely that Trump should just fade away into the darkness and salvage whatever kind of life he can have after ruining his reputation of “wise businessman.” Check out the internet responses below:

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