Canada Welcomes U.S. Asylum Seekers Like A Boss – Trump Is Scorching Mad


Last week, Rolling Stone magazine beautifully trolled Donald Trump. With a picture of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the cover, the publication asked, “Why can’t he be our president?” A strong message to Donald Trump, the question is one that many have asked in the days since Trump took office and Trudeau has repeatedly outshined Trump as poised, classy, kind-hearted, professional, and tactful.

Of more value than just its funny mockery of Trump, the cover sends another powerful message. It says that gone are the days of the U.S. being looked up to as a world leader. The times of the American president being the go-to for world leadership, a voice of reason, and the model of diplomacy and democracy are a distant memory after just shy of seven months. That’s the era supporters and enablers of Donald Trump have invited to the American way of life.

One of the many sad consequences of the Trump administration’s careless policies is the fact that the U.S., a place that once prided itself in providing asylum to people whose lives have been ravaged by war and subsets of it, seems to have quickly evolved into a place that people want to flee fromTrump’s Mexican border wall, Muslim ban, insistence on bullying other world leaders, and treatment of marginalized groups of Americans, has U.S. citizens scared of what he will do next and some who don’t yet have citizenship, literally running for their lives.

Some people are so scared in fact, that thousands of refugees who were in the U.S. legally, have fled to Canada, for fear of being deported by Donald Trump. Quebec has quickly become a popular place of entry for many eager to leave the U.S.; so many have entered the province, that in order to accommodate them, the government has had to set-up additional welcome centers and bus refugees to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

With 56,000 seats, the arena usual plays host to sports events, concerts, and others shows. However, for now, it’s a place a safety that some people left dangerous conditions hoping they’d find in the U.S., but under Donald Trump, no longer have.


A short video clip about the influx of asylum-seekers fleeing the U.S. is below:

Featured Image via Getty/NurPhoto/Contributor

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