Trump Goes On Middle Class Tirade During Phony Wednesday Morning Tweet


Donald Trump is the phoniest person to every tarnish the Oval Office, and the truly sad part is, he is so bad at it, that it’s blatantly obvious to most people. Trump still has his merry band of uneducated followers who will have his back no matter what he does or says, and those people seemingly just can’t be helped.

Wednesday morning, Trump decided to try his hand at more of that phoniness, and it didn’t go over too well. Trump sent out the following tweet early Wednesday:

Mr. President, the whole world knows, via your constant insistence, that you don’t care about anyone but the rich. It’s even safe to say that you don’t care about the rich; you care if YOU’RE rich. The only reason you seemingly do things to help the rich is because it directly benefits you and your children. We see straight through you, and you know it.

Twitter users didn’t think it was very believable either. Their responses in the comment thread of Trump’s tweet speak volumes. We save the best ones below:

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