Trump The Tyrant Just Put A Ban On U.S. Passports In Unprecedented Freakout


Donald Trump’s toxic white male masculinity is so high that it’s dangerous. Within just a few short months of being in office, Trump had pushed America to the brink of war/serious military action with North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, and virtually every country included in his Muslim ban. His desire to show that he is the baddest bully on the block is far stronger than his commitment to the safety of American citizens.

In the months since Trump started dropping bombs and making threats in some places, and standing on the metaphoric line that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has clearly drawn in the sand, there has been a lot of speculation as to whom the U.S. will go to war with first. At this point, as much as it could be of great detriment to America, it looks like Trump is taking steps to cross Kim Jong Un’s line and engage in what could be a disastrous fight with North Korea.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced that all Americans must be out of North Korea by September first. Additionally, travel to the country has been banned and the restriction is so serious that those who use a U.S. passport go to North Korea, will be charged with a felony.

The U.S. State Department released a statement that said in part:

‘Persons currently in North Korea on a U.S. passport should depart North Korea before the travel restriction enters into effect on Friday, September 1, 2017.’

The ban comes as tensions are already running high between the U.S. and North Korea. Therefore, the word choice of “should depart” leaves many feeling like there is some sense of urgency behind the ban and subsequent suggestion that people now there lawfully should leave before required to do so.

Donald Trump’s insistence on instigating conflict with Kim Jong Un via the travel ban comes just weeks after Otto Warmbier returned home to Ohio in a coma. Warmbier was in North Korea, but arrested after allegedly stealing a poster from his hotel room. He was sentenced to hard labor and while detained, fell into a coma. He was released into U.S. custody because of his condition and died days after returning.

While elements of Warmbier’s story are saddening to many, some are crying foul at the Trump administration’s response to Warmbier’s death and claim that Trump is merely using the young man’s death to push his agenda for war with North Korea forward. For some, the travel ban to the country only validates their feelings and serves as a strong indicator that the U.S. government is simply trying to get Americans out of Korea before engaging in military force.

There are a few groups that are exempt from Trump’s ban. Red Cross and aid workers with “compelling humanitarian considerations,” anyone whose travel is deemed “otherwise in the national interest,” and members of the press who are covering North Korea, are still able to legally travel to the country.

Only time will tell if Trump’s travel ban is in fact the precursor to war. However, one thing is certain:  Where past people in Trump’s position have gone above and beyond to avoid conflict with Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump seems to crave it.

A reminder that it was never Donald Trump’s intent to avoid conflict with North Korea may be viewed below in the form of an interview he did last year:

Featured Image screengrab via Newsweek.

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