Ivanka Trump Tweets Lies About Trump Creating A Million Jobs & Gets Eaten Alive


Donald Trump won’t stay off Twitter. People want him to; he should, but he won’t. For Trump, Twitter is how he justifies his childish rants, spread of misinformation/lies, and announcements of major policies, and does so under the veil of not trusting the media to put out information in the ways he wants people to hear it.

Unfortunately, Twitter has also become the place where Trump’s own words come back to haunt him — big time. There almost always seems to be a past Trump tweet that is highly critical of President Obama, with the paradox of being something that Trump does as so-called commander in chief. For example, Trump once blasted President Obama for taking vacations. Yet, just shy of seven months in office and Trump is on a 17-day respite, despite quite frequent golf getaways almost every weekend.

Now it seems that, because Trump is under fire for the hypocritical manner in which his words have come back to haunt him, his favorite daughter Ivanka, is trying to put out false information to mitigate the brazen hypocrisy of her father’s nice long, tax-payer-funded vacation at his own resort in New Jersey. Ivanka tweeted:

Because he never misses an opportunity to pat himself on the back, even if it’s over a big fat lie, Trump re-tweeted the post:

Naturally, it didn’t take long for people to rip Donald and Ivanka to shreds:

A few people were quick to point out who the real job creation MVP is, and it’s definitely not Donald Trump:

Simply put, the federal fiscal year ends on September 30th. Virtually everything that happens until then is a product of President Obama’s budget, initiatives, and hard work. Instead of lying on and trying to smear President Obama’s name, Donald Trump should thank him for the wonderful things he did that Trump is now taking credit for.

Featured Image via Getty/Pool/Pool

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