Vladimir Putin Trolls Trump With Series Of ‘Topless’ Vacation Photos (IMAGES)


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is polarizing, and that is likely putting it mildly. However, despite the controversy that surrounds his mystique, the Russian president always appears unbothered in the least bit by the criticism his cynical, smart-mouthed, and flippant ways cause. Moreover, his arrogant confidence and divisive politics don’t seem to stop many people from absolutely loving him.

It now seems that Donald Trump loves Putin so much that he has allegedly become entangled in a web of lies around the specific nature of his relationship with Putin. One minute Trump knows Putin and proudly invests in Russian real estate, the next minute Trump has had nothing to do with him.

One minute Trump’s son and key campaign staff are meeting with those with confirmed ties to Putin and discussing how to besmirch Hillary Clinton and propel Trump to an Election 2016 win. When that happens, those Trump surrogates plead innocence and ignorance.

It’s this kind of drama and disregard for what’s widely regarded as the norm that makes people have a bittersweet infatuation with Vladimir Putin. Therefore, when he set off on a fishing vacation that’s coincidentally coinciding with Donald Trump’s 17-day New Jersey golf resort getaway, the world kind of paid attention.

Augmenting the attention paid to Putin has been the fact that the exercise enthusiast decided to do some topless fishing and, love him or hate him, the 64 year-old Russian president is in pretty decent shape, thus making the contrasts between him and his American counterpart, Donald Trump, even deeper. Whether for re-branding or other propaganda purposes, it appears that Putin has purposely allowed himself to be captured in what looks almost like a calendar photo shoot type of spread.

Here, Putin and a friend are living the shirtless dream. For added effect, the Russian leader has even thrown his hands up, which gives the appearance of a kinder, gentler, and more carefree oppressive divisive polarizing president:

What’s a fishing vacation without the fish, right? Right! Of course the self-absorbed Putin had to have a photo-op with one of his catches:

Vladimir Putin is about more than just the sunbathe and chill life, he literally jumps in for what he wants:

Looking like “Mr. September” from the 2017 edition of the Bitter Hateful Presidents calendar, Putin poses in the rustic wilderness:

Putin fishing and Trump golfing — it’s a great time to be alleged co-conspirators who are hated by a large number of the people you’re supposed to represent! The cycle for the both of them seems to be to lie and deny, be aggressive/dodge questions, and vacation like you don’t have a care in the world.

The Washington Post’s photo montage of topless Putin, is below:

Featured Image via Getty/Alexei Nikolsky/Contributor

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