Trump Admin Works To Screw Over Elderly People In Nursing Homes (DETAILS)


The Trump administration seems to be doing the absolute most they can to violate people’s rights. They have no shame about this approach to their brand of leadership and seem to get great pleasure from the oppressive conditions they’re creating nationwide.

It also seems that when the Trump administration is faced with resistance, they go out of their way to find loopholes that allow them to move their extremely suffocating agenda forward. Such has definitely been the case over the last several weeks, as Trump’s plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have been halted.

Now it looks like the Trump administration is attacking Medicare and those who use its services, in yet another way. Trump is working to remove patients’ rights to sue nursing home and rehab facilities for neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc. This, despite the fact that a whopping one in three people are said to be abused in nursing homes. Sadly, they’re often older and have health conditions that keep them from advocating for themselves, and sometimes have little to no family support.

The double-edged sword of short-term and long-term care facilities is that they’re usually the only places equipped to meet the needs of their patients — people who are unable to afford the care they need in any other way.

However, any nursing home patients are forced into signing arbitration agreements upon admission. These agreements state that the patient won’t sue and will instead, go into binding arbitration and no matter the decision, they’ll have to accept it. Sounds quite unfair, right? It’s happening, though, and if Donald Trump has his way, it will be the norm.

Trump is looking to make binding arbitration agreements a universal part of the admissions process, he is also looking to make the rights of nursing homes (not patients) clear in a federal rule. Health care advocates say this aspect of the Trump agenda hasn’t gotten the attention that other administration policies have, but argue that it’s every bit as important.

What are your thoughts on the Trump administration’s efforts to strip Americans of their right to sue nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities? Below, an Arizona ABC News affiliate documents one woman’s alleged traumatic encounter with a nursing home. This woman has an attorney and plans to sue, but under the Trump rule, people like her will be forced to accept the treatment they’re given, as well as any findings of grievances or complaints they file.

Featured Image via Getty/Alex Wong/Staff

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