JUST IN: President Trump ‘LIKES’ Insane Tweet About Rape And Orgies (IMAGE)


Every day, we hear about the latest thing President Donald Trump has tweeted. Whether it’s late in the evening or at the crack of dawn, whenever he has a free moment, he more than likely has his tiny hands tweetin’ away.

So, while we often hear about what’s on his tiny mind or angered him that minute, we don’t always get to see the things he sees on Twitter.

So, what does Trump read when he signs on Twitter?

Well, his “favorited” tweets will show us that. In a rare glimpse behind the eyes of Trump, the president “favorited” this strange tweet sometime Thursday evening.

The tweet reads:

‘Also can you believe THIS?! RAPE…ORGIES….KOREA….TRUMP….WTF?! #Korea is a #DISTRACTION’

Image is a screengrab via Twitter.

The tweet links to a thread that, essentially, looks like it’s defending Trump’s innocence with the first tweet, but is actually a huge stab against him and tweeted from a liberal account.

Trump later unfavorited the tweet, but as usual, we caught him with a screenshot. More importantly, what this tells us is that the President of the United States is stupid enough to confuse those who support him and those who demise him.


Featured Image via Getty Images.

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