Trump Supporter Calls Obama A ‘P*ssy’ – Marine Who Served Under Him Responds


One of Trump supporters favorite past times seems to be ragging on former President Barack Obama. Those who support Trump wholeheartedly will find any reason to tear Obama down, trying to make their beloved president look better, as he single-handedly destroys the United States.

President Trump has a long history of blatantly accusing Obama of secretly being a Muslim, who was not born in the United States. Despite the fact that Obama has been very forthcoming about his christian faith, citing it in many of his speeches, Trump has refused to give up the notion that Obama is lying about his faith, and was born in Kenya.

Since supporters of 45 will eat up anything he says, this has fueled a conspiracy theory among those as dim as the president. It is evident that this conspiracy theory is still going as strong as ever.

A Trump supporter took to the comment section on Facebook to call Obama a Muslim and a “p*ssy” in an attempt to up talk Trump, and justify his actions in regards to North Korea as of late. It didn’t take long before the commenter was totally destroyed by a U.S marine who served under president Obama.

Those Trump supporters who cheer on the possibility of a war between the United States and North Korea are rarely active in the military, as pointed out by the commenter. The ramifications of an impending war would not fall on them, but rather the brave men and women who put their lives on hold in order to fight a needless war.

‘Have you already spoken to a military recruiter and will be backing up your beliefs with sacrifice and action? Of course not, that’s what people like me are for. You all bang the war drum in the cozy confines of your home, knowing myself and many others will have to abandon our lives – again – to further advance the military industrial complex while assuaging the insecurities of a petty man.’

Since the president has about as much military knowledge as the average American, it is important for those with first hand experience to speak out on how dangerous the prospect of Trump tweeting the United States into a war is, hopefully educating those in desperate need of a dose of reality.

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