GOP Hero Snaps & Attacks Trump’s Right Hand Man; Administration In Shambles (DETAILS)


Despite Donald Trump’s victory in the general election, he was never too popular with the whole of the Republican Party. Even after his primary victory, there was a sizable “Never Trump” movement within the Republican Party. With Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, that movement has largely been silenced, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of infighting within the GOP. Even ardent Trump supporters are divided into camps over which of Trump’s advisers they feel should have the president’s ear.

One of the more controversial figures within Trump’s administration, which itself is full of controversial figures, is Steve Bannon. The former Breitbart editor is one of the leaders of the alt-right, a movement which contains a large number of white nationalists. Many within Trump’s own camp believe that Bannon has too much influence over the president. For example, Bannon is often considered one of the principal architects behind the so-called Muslim ban.  This isn’t confined to mere ideological debate either. Often times, it has devolved into school-yard insults.

On Friday, Republican consultant Roger Stone, took to the Twitter to insult Bannon’s looks comparing him to a homeless person. It’s unclear whether Stone was relating a true story or simply using it as a means of giving his opinion. Either way, it is probably a safe bet that Stone doesn’t care for the ex-Breitbart editor.

Bannon has gotten a lot of heat, lately. Recently, Trump’s communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, launched into a tirade where he accused Bannon of “sucking his own c**k” rather than actively serving Trump’s agenda. Scaramucci later apologized for his use of foul language, but it was too little too late. He was fired after serving for less than two weeks.

It’s unclear whether Scaramucci was fired for his profanity-laced interview or expressing such open contempt for Bannon. Either way, his firing, combined with Stone’s tweet, are just the most recent symptoms of infighting within the pro-Trump camp.

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