JUST IN: Charlottesville’s Mayor Throws Fire At Trump & Becomes Instant Hero


A state of emergency has been declared in Virgina after violence broke out between white nationalists and those marching against them in the town of Charlottesville.

In response to the violence, President Trump sent out a tweet addressing the situation. In his tweet, Trump called for unity and an end to violence.

Trump’s comments have drawn responses from a lot of people including Charlottesville’s mayor, who thanked Trump for his comments, but said that the president’s work was just beginning.

Both Signer’s and Trump’s Twitter feeds were full of replies from both sides of the political aisle. Some accused Trump and the GOP of not doing enough to battle racism while others blamed it, unsuprisingly, on Obama and the Democrats.

The truly strange ones were those that sought to blame this incident on President Obama.



Featured Image via Getty Images.

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