Trump Tweets Phony Saturday Message & America Is Responding In Force (DETAILS)


When white supremacist groups came out in droves to support the Trump campaign and incite violence against non-white people, Donald Trump was silent in every way that matters. He ultimately became content with his go-to step and fetch it “blacks” like Ray Lewis, Steve Harvey, Ben Carson, and Omarosa, so condemning the actions of white nationalist groups seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind.

Quite simply, Trump’s lack of condemnation equated then, and still does today, to enabling, support, encouragement, and promotion of hatred, racism, and the kind of divisive politics that for centuries, justified the enslavement and rape of Africans and gross maltreatment of Native Americans in America. Now, as Trump is watching what he has sown, be reaped in Charlottesville, VA, especially, it appears that he wants to call for peace.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted:

People absolutely weren’t standing for Trump’s social media dog and pony show call for peace:

In the [paraphrased] words of one social media user: “The epitome of white privilege is white nationalists marching with citronella tiki torches from Pottery Barn protesting the removal of a statue that stands for America’s history of racism” and refusal to acknowledge and denounce it:

Too late, Donald Trump.  Many people were raised to trust that when someone shows you who he/she is, you should believe him/her. You’ve shown the world the hatemonger you are, and the world believes you. Your social media plea for peace is too little, too late, and flat-out fake. You’ve shown the world the racist bigot you are; the world believes you.

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