Boston Holocaust Memorial Vandalized – Police Apprehend Suspect (DETAILS)


The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend seemingly emboldened white supremacists everywhere. Apparently, it isn’t enough to kill an innocent woman and injure 19 more

That fact was made clear Monday, when Boston police arrested a person suspected of having vandalized the city’s Holocaust Memorial. According to reports from WHDH News, Boston police arrested the suspect after witnesses told officers they saw someone throw a rock at the memorial.

‘BREAKING: BPD confirms person now in custody for vandalizing Boston’s Holocaust Memorial downtown. Witness says a rock was thrown. #7News’

According to WHDH News, this is the second time the city’s Holocaust Memorial was vandalized in the past few weeks. Back in June, police arrested a man for allegedly smashing a pane of glass on one of the windows.

‘A 17-year-old is in custody Monday evening after police said he vandalized the city’s Holocaust Memorial. Police said the young man threw a rock at the memorial, smashing a pane of glass.’

‘Another woman said she saw the suspect put his jacket’s hood up over his head and then run through the memorial and across the street. Witnesses told 7News several bystanders followed him and held him until police arrived.’

One witness told WHDH News that:

‘I heard this big crash and I kind of looked over and all the glass was crashing down.’

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh also took to Twitter on Monday to condemn the violence wreaking havoc on the city of Boston:

‘Today & every day Boston stands up against hate. I’m saddened to see such a despicable action in this great city. (1/2)’

Walsh followed up with a subsequent tweet:

‘Thankful to public and @bostonpolice for quick arrest of the person responsible for vandalizing Holocaust Memorial. (2/2’

With a president who fails to condemn hate speech or utter the words “white supremacy,” instances like Charlottesville will continue. Trump would rather take the easy way out, however, and condemn “violence from both sides.” Both sides didn’t kill 32-year-old Heather Heyer, though, white supremacists did. And that’s where the blame should lie.

Featured Image is a screengrab via Twitter.

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