Alex Jones Gets Hot Coffee Thrown In His Face After Harassing People On The Street


The president does not surround himself with good people — we all know that. Even still, here is another example — in case you needed one.

Early this Friday, one of the president’s favorite commentators — Alex Jones of InfoWars — took to the streets of Seattle to shout at people on camera in a Periscope video posted to Twitter.

“You’re trash,” someone passing by Jones shouts out to him at the about 3:38 point in the video.

At that point, Mr. Biggest Snowflake on the Planet Alex Jones shouted back at the man, “Hey, come tell me that on the camera! Come here coward, come here coward!” While Jones was shouting at the man, he was mockingly imitating Jones.

The man — who remains unidentified — stopped walking and waited for the lumbering Jones to catch up to him.

Jones implored the passerby to tell the camera “intellectually” who he is, to which the man quipped back, while mockingly getting in Jones’ face, “Intellectually who I am? I’m your mother.” The man was mockingly bumping chests with Jones while he said that.

Taking him as seriously as you might expect, considering Jones takes nothing and makes it into nothing for a living, the internet news personality said back to the man:

‘You can’t even talk; look at you! This is it right here — a literal slave of the system!’

At that, the man opened up his thermos of coffee and dumped it on Jones as he ran away laughing.

The video is pretty glorious. Check the Periscope stream that Jones posted out below — and remember, for the fun part, fast forward to the 3:38 point.

What kind of idiot goes into the streets of Seattle — or any major city — to shout at people that they are “slaves of the system” and doesn’t think they are going to get coffee thrown on them? Additionally, what kind of idiot peddles — among other things — the idea that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax and then thinks that Americans will think highly of him as he walks the streets rambling?

One of Jones’ buddies, “journalist” Paul Joseph Watson, claimed on Twitter that the InfoWars founder and noted conspiracy theorist got “boiling” coffee thrown on him, but just judging from the man’s physical reactions in the video, it sure doesn’t seem that coffee was boiling. Jones and his ilk are just addicted to making stuff up.

Remember — Alex Jones is one of the president of the United States’ favorite “newscasters.” For example, as Media Matters for America documents in their comprehensive report on Jones and Trump’s relationship, back in 2015, Trump appeared on Jones’ show and said he “will not let [Jones] down.”

Check out Twitter’s thoughts — including some from supporters of Jones and some who think the whole thing was staged — below.

Featured Image via Brooks Kraft/ Getty Images

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