Trump Goes On 1AM Tweetstorm After Violent AZ Rally Like A Belligerent Psycho


As if the time Americans have spent watching Trump rant and his bluster his way throughout a presidential bid and now the presidency, Tuesday night’s rally in Phoenix should have come as no surprise. As the president began railing against the media, Democrats, members of his own party, and the crowds of protesters outside his rally, though, many Americans grew even more concerned about the mental fitness of the current resident of the White House.

After that rally, Trump shared video clips and ranted some more on Twitter. Long gone are the days when a president worked to unify citizens under common goals and a common identity. Trump paid lip service to that concept by saying how we should all love and have “genuine affection” for one another and followed that up by calling the media “anarchists” while leading his crowd of worshipers in boos and chants while pointing out members of the press in the room, saying that the protesters outside are all antifa members wearing black hoods and swinging clubs, and trashing Senators McCain and Flake of Arizona with bile and viciousness.

Later, he tweeted clips of the video of his rallies and threw in some more insults.

Twitter was quick to call Trump out on who is truly dividing the nation.

Featured image via Getty/Ralph Freso

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