Thirsty Scott Baio Goes All Batsh*t On Heather Heyer’s Mother On Fox News (VIDEO)


Charlottesville shed a light on neo-Nazis in this country in a huge way, and since then, conservatives have seemingly gone to all lengths to try to cover up their crimes.

The latest attempt comes from Scott Baio, the former actor who played Chachi on Happy Days. Since his role on the beloved show however, Baio has turned into a vocal pro-Trump surrogate, famous for making appearances on Sunday television news talk shows, spewing his pro-Trump agenda.

Now, Baio is trying to perpetuate the idea that the murder of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer by neo-Nazi James Field was some kind of hoax organized by the people who “faked” the Sandy Hook massacre. Baio retweeted the following, which was screen captured by Vanity Fair‘s Ben Landy:

‘Trump Surrogate and frequent Fox News guest @ScottBaio is retweeting Sandy Hook truther memes’

Baio’s absurd assertion is that, out of the entire United States population, the same woman played the distraught mother in two different George Soros conspiracies against the right.

However, Twitter users were quick to jump on Baio for grasping at straws. Some of the best responses can be viewed below.

Featured Image via Getty Images.

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