Guy Calls Chelsea Clinton Ugly On Twitter – Her Response Is The Definition Of Class


Politics is always a contentious issue with a lot of opinions, but rarely in recent history has the dividing line between left and right wingers been so distinct and so hostile. Unfortunately, this often means attacks on irrelevant characteristics of visible left-wingers, such as Chelsea Clinton.

This surely isn’t the first time she’s been the subject of insults from right-wingers for her or her family’s politics. She has clearly used this practice to craft masterful responses to them. In the thread, she perfectly demonstrates the grace and class which the left stands for in response to the ineloquent and bizarre putdowns.

The attack followed a simple tweet by Clinton praising Michelle Obama. Clinton was showing solidarity with Obama following a blast from InfoWars against her, claiming that she was a man. Clinton’s own father, President Bill Clinton has been targeted in the past as well, having been called “a rapist” by Alex Jones of InfoWars, which likely heightened the insult.

The allegations came in the form of an 11 minute podcast by Jones on the InfoWars site, which contained claims that Michelle Obama was transgender, and had a “large bulge” in her pants in old photographs.

On the subject, Clinton wrote:

‘@MichelleObama is everything this site will never be-honorable, brave, beloved, beautiful. Don’t need to watch an awful video to know that.’

Following this, Alex Jones tried to claim that Clinton was throwing shade without just cause by claiming that they were just “asking” whether or not she was a man, which firstly, would be a profoundly insulting question, even if that is what it was — and secondly, it was not a question the way it was phrased. Let’s all appreciate that.

As a result, @facbookacc threw back:

‘Chelsea Clinton You’re kinda disgusting #irrelevant #ChangeYourFace’

What makes this whole thing hilarious is the fact that it is his comment that is irrelevant. The best thing he could think to say in response was to call her ugly? Trump supporters certainly know how to keep their vocabulary (and thoughts) rudimentary.

Chelsea responded:

‘Hi Scott! Wishing you a beautiful day & particularly if you’re near #Harvey, a safe one. Take care!’

Sometimes taking the high road really does pay off. She received so much praise for the elegance of her answer that it more than made up for the cruelty of Scott’s message.

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